Monday, January 30, 2012

Clutter FREE Me Day 11: Junk in the Trunk

This series is near it's end, and I've had a great time writing about these organization tips. It has actually kept me on my cleaning and organizing game. Can't be a hypocrite now can I?

Today starts the last part of the series, which is the car.

We spend so much time in our cars: going to work or school, traveling, and riding with friends. Because of this, it's a good idea to keep this space clear and clutter free. 

It's not a good look to pick up a friend to go on a road trip, and not have any room for your luggage for all the trash/unnecessary junk scattered in your trunk

The tip is simple:

If you want to control that junk in your trunk.......

Use crates!!

I actually discovered this cool tip on accident. I bought three crates that were on sale at Wally World with every intention to bring them in the house and use them for some kind of storage. I guess I didn't feel like getting them out of the trunk at the time I bought them. And overtime they just stayed in there. I did take one to work though.

One day after my honey and I went grocery shopping, I had forgotten that I never took the crates out. In order to maximize the space that the crates were taking up, we just started putting groceries in them. 

Now I use one of the crates to contain all the items I like to keep in my trunk. In the first picture above you see brake fluid, another fluid, transmission--I think, water--you never know when you'll need water on the road, whether it's to use under the hood or to clear ice off the windows in the winter. I also keep a rag, plastic bags, and toilet paper. 

The best reason for using crates in the trunk is that everything remains stationary. Don't you hate the rumbling, and bumping noise you hear while you're driving when you have a lot of things in your trunk? Crates are a simple and cost effective solution. Shoot, you probably already have some kind of container in your house that you can use.

What crazy junk do you have in your trunk?
Will crates help contain it?

Tomorrow: Never forget the last time you had an oil change again.

I'm looking forward to your comments :)
A Bientot ...

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  1. Love these tips! My trunk is always out of control due to my commitment to recycle. I even turn corners sometimes and hear the glass bottles clinking together! I'm going to get three small crates--one for plastic glass and paper-- and keep them in my trunk to keep things organized and sorted. Thanks sis!