Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Week of Spring Face

Hello Lovlies!

I've been MIA, I know, but guess what? Last Friday I turned in the first draft of my master's thesis. Yes! I was working' like a mad woman on that thing; therefore, I had to make some sacrifices. Although I wanted to check in and post a lil sum sum, I couldn't. I had to stay diligent. Anywhoo, it's smooth sailing from here with just minor edits to my paper, then I graduate in May :)


So, Spring is here, and although we barely had a a winter (at least we didn't in NC), I am so happy to see it finally arrive:) Spring is my favoritest–yup you heard it right– season of all. Fresh flowers, feeling the sun slightly bronze my skin, and even the pollen. Yes, I get excited at the first sight of pollen, luckily I don't have major allergies. Sorry for those who do.

I have a first week of spring look here that I've worn different variations of in the past few days. Apparently it's trending big this season, but I don't really follow trends just because they're trends. Think about it. The trends are set by whatever a fashion designer premiered in their seasonal show. So we set all of our fashion know how by some people, mostly men, who design clothes. Why do I have to listen to them? I'm not gonna lie though, some of the so called trends are hot, but many times they are recycled styles from years past.

For instance, the bright lips that I'm rockin' in these pics are trending, but guess what? They were also trending in the 80s and 90s!

 So my lil nugget of wisdom is that nothing's new, do what makes you feel beautiful, and don't do it because someone says it's the new thing to do.

Ok...done. Here's the look...

Orange lids, Pop of pink on the lips

White liner on waterline of bottom lids to open the eyes.
Use this trick to make your eyes appear bigger.

Matte Lips

Makeup Used for This Look

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, 520 Natural Caramel
Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder

Contour (right under the cheekbone): BH Cosmetics 26 Color Neutral Eyeshadow/Blush Palette Cheek color: Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette, the peachy glimmer color

On lids only:
NYX Eyeshadow Base with Pearl
Maybelline Color Tattoo, Fierce & Tangy

On crease:
BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette, 3rd Edition, a brown with a hint of orange shade

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, Flared (the purple tube)

NYX Lipliner Pencil, Dolly Pink
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, San Paulo

Don't feel like you have to go out an purchase all the items I used. Use what you have...unless you have money to spend. Look, I can't tell you how to spend your money. :)

I just got the NYX soft matte lip cream and NYX eyeshadow base, and I already love them. Would you like to see a review on these items to know all the specs of these products? If you do, let me know in the comments below.

With fresh flowers and pollen all over your car, 
À Bientôt...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bob Marley Knows What It Is....

Reflecting on marriage. We all need reminders every once in a while. This quote from Bob Marley came just in time...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Peacock Chic for Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras being tomorrow, I thought I'd put up a look that nobody would really wear, unless they will be in New Orleans in the quarter...and then again, maybe not, lol. But it's still fun to create a fun look like this:)

 I created this look about two months ago. I wanted to do an intricate design and asked my husband to give me an idea to be inspired by, and he said, "Peacock." I looked up some photos for inspiration and voila! (Today my husband named this look Peacock Chic, lol)

It wasn't until about a month ago that I realized this makeup could also work for Mardi Gras.
Enjoy the photos and eat some King cake for me and you!

Doesn't this remind you of a jester's hat?

And one cheesy photo in front of this trumpet

Trumpet..Jazz...New Orleans...Mardi Gras...Get it?

I'll be celebrating Mardi Gras at a staff meeting tomorrow, gumbo and all. My boss is from New Orleans, so you know it's going to be live tomorrow! lol

Do you have any plans to celebrate Mardi Gras?

Also, if you want me to do a tutorial on this extravagant look, say so in the comments below!

À Bientôt!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hallmark Day! ;)

Ok, I love holidays, but you have to admit that most of them have been hyped up by the industry to increase consumer spending...duh! Lol

Nonetheless, I decided to have an inexpensive VDay doin something I would have done on any other day of the year. I made chocolate covered strawberries for my fam:) (shown above)

Here's me enjoying them.....

I made some decorated sugar cookies, but they came out crazy! Spread out all over the place. I'll get 'em right next time.

I hope not only your Valentine's Day, but every day is filled with love and joy:)

Do you have a love/hate relationship with VDay? 

Well, À Bientôt, my loves...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Clutter FREE Me Day 13: Must Have Items In Your Car

As I traveled in my car more, I realized all the things I didn't have in my car. There's nothing worst than being on the highway, trying to make good time, then something happens where you have to stop. It makes it even worse when you had that item at home, but didn't bring it with you, now you have to stop, waste time and money! I guess you can tell this bothers me:) So, I want to make sure this never happesn to you again.

You'll be prepared for anything that happens on the road with these items:

To take care of sticky hands:
Baby wipes/anti-bacterial wipes

To clean hands after you pump gas and before you eat:
Hand sanitizer

For emergency cutting: :)

For sneezes:

To clean up spills:
Paper towels

To use under the hood:
Jug of water

I feel like I'm missing something.....
What make-your-life-easier items do you keep in your car?

A Bientot.....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clutter FREE Me Day 12: Car Maintenance

Here's a free printable I created just for you! Ok, well I'm not telling the complete truth. I had thought about making a car maintenance log a a couple months ago, but when I decided to do this organization series, it gave me motivation to hurry up and create it :)

Click to download

So, print this out in color (the shaded columns have a purpose), leave this in the glove compartment of your car, and use it to track all the services you get done on your car. No more forgetting the last time you had an oil change or got your tires changed: this log will help keep your car in tip top shape!

The white columns are for the first service, the light gray are for the second, and dark gray, third. For example, if I get my wheels aligned on 1.19.2012, I would add that in the white column on the wheel alignment row. Then i would write down the mileage of my car at the time of that service on the white column.

Do you ever forget what services are performed on your car?

Let me know if you start using this log,
A Bientot....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Clutter FREE Me Day 11: Junk in the Trunk

This series is near it's end, and I've had a great time writing about these organization tips. It has actually kept me on my cleaning and organizing game. Can't be a hypocrite now can I?

Today starts the last part of the series, which is the car.

We spend so much time in our cars: going to work or school, traveling, and riding with friends. Because of this, it's a good idea to keep this space clear and clutter free. 

It's not a good look to pick up a friend to go on a road trip, and not have any room for your luggage for all the trash/unnecessary junk scattered in your trunk

The tip is simple:

If you want to control that junk in your trunk.......

Use crates!!

I actually discovered this cool tip on accident. I bought three crates that were on sale at Wally World with every intention to bring them in the house and use them for some kind of storage. I guess I didn't feel like getting them out of the trunk at the time I bought them. And overtime they just stayed in there. I did take one to work though.

One day after my honey and I went grocery shopping, I had forgotten that I never took the crates out. In order to maximize the space that the crates were taking up, we just started putting groceries in them. 

Now I use one of the crates to contain all the items I like to keep in my trunk. In the first picture above you see brake fluid, another fluid, transmission--I think, water--you never know when you'll need water on the road, whether it's to use under the hood or to clear ice off the windows in the winter. I also keep a rag, plastic bags, and toilet paper. 

The best reason for using crates in the trunk is that everything remains stationary. Don't you hate the rumbling, and bumping noise you hear while you're driving when you have a lot of things in your trunk? Crates are a simple and cost effective solution. Shoot, you probably already have some kind of container in your house that you can use.

What crazy junk do you have in your trunk?
Will crates help contain it?

Tomorrow: Never forget the last time you had an oil change again.

I'm looking forward to your comments :)
A Bientot ...