Friday, February 3, 2012

Clutter FREE Me Day 13: Must Have Items In Your Car

As I traveled in my car more, I realized all the things I didn't have in my car. There's nothing worst than being on the highway, trying to make good time, then something happens where you have to stop. It makes it even worse when you had that item at home, but didn't bring it with you, now you have to stop, waste time and money! I guess you can tell this bothers me:) So, I want to make sure this never happesn to you again.

You'll be prepared for anything that happens on the road with these items:

To take care of sticky hands:
Baby wipes/anti-bacterial wipes

To clean hands after you pump gas and before you eat:
Hand sanitizer

For emergency cutting: :)

For sneezes:

To clean up spills:
Paper towels

To use under the hood:
Jug of water

I feel like I'm missing something.....
What make-your-life-easier items do you keep in your car?

A Bientot.....

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